Heart of Hoag June 2014
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Heart of Hoag
Roberto Barba, first grade student at El Sol Science and Arts Academy.
The ‘Heart of Hoag’ Beats Strongly in Service to the Community
You are about to meet several remarkable people who, through their compassion, talents and dedication, are making lasting positive impacts in the lives of Orange County residents.
They are just a few of the many skilled professionals who comprise the Community Benefit Program at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian.
Their backgrounds and areas of care vary widely, but they share one very important characteristic: a huge heart for serving others. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Community Benefit Program’s unwavering focus on helping those in need has earned it the reputation as the “Heart of Hoag.”
Since it was founded in 1995, Hoag’s Community Benefit Program has embodied our mission and focus; indeed, the program underscores the very best of what we do. For nearly two decades, the Community Benefit Program has provided millions of dollars in medical services, health education and mental health services to improve the lives of those with limited or no access to quality health care.
In this inaugural issue you’ll read about how the $7.5 million in grants we donated this year alone has expanded our partnerships with more than 80 local organizations and agencies to fund or supplement programs to
improve the health of our community. And you’ll meet just a few of the seniors, women and low-income patients who have benefited from the care we have provided or have helped provide.
Collectively, the pieces you will read here help tell the story of how we fulfill our role as a nonprofit health care delivery network – but it is not the entire tale. The Heart of Hoag is huge; it touches more people and programs than we have room to tell you about here, so expect to see periodic publications like this dedicated to the work of the Community Benefit Program. We hope you enjoy this first issue and that it will inspire you to know that the Heart of Hoag beats on.
Robert T. Braithwaite
President and Chief Executive Officer
Gwyn P. Parry, M.D.
Director, Community Health and Community Benefit Program

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