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He Made the Entire County His ‘Practice’
One day in 1995, family physician Gwyn P. Parry, M.D., took his practice to a whole new level: The entire Orange County community.
Dr. Gwyn P. Parry
Tapped to head Hoag’s brand-new Community Benefit Program, Dr. Parry figured the best way to check on the community’s health care needs was to personally make a series of what might be described as “house calls.”
“One day he came into my office and said, ‘I’m going around town to find out what the
needs of our community are.’ I didn’t know him. I told him that the No. 1 need for me is transportation,” says Celeste Jardine- Haug, senior services manager at OASIS Senior Center in Newport Beach. “We had
“It’s a spectacularly efficient and worthwhile organization,” says Dr. James Berman, a retired Hoag physician who now serves on the board of Families Forward, one of Hoag’s community partners.
“I’ve seen the Community Benefit Program from the inside, and now I see it from outside, and it’s a tremendous benefit.”
Hoag officials tapped Dr. Parry to head the department when the California State Legislature first began requiring nonprofit hospitals to return a certain portion of their income to support the less fortunate. Under his leadership, the Community Benefit Program team has grown to more than a dozen staff members who oversee the psychotherapy, health ministries, case management and other services funded by the program.
Dr. Parry credits the program’s success to the staff, the hospital’s board of directors and his physician colleagues.
“There is nothing more powerful than a medical staff that wants to give back,” says Dr. Parry, who was the seventh member of his family to become a doctor. “There is something about a hospital environment that attracts people who want to be part of helping others.”
a conversation, and then I didn’t see him for a few months. All of a sudden he called me and said, ‘I’m ready to offer you a grant to expand your transportation program for seniors.’”
Nearly two decades later, Dr. Parry remains a tireless champion of charity health care. Today, the Community Benefit Program has a more formal grant process, but is no less generous than those early days when Dr. Parry personally canvassed the community. Indeed, in 2013, Hoag provided more than $48 million in charity medical care and grants to partners who provide vital health care and educational services for the county’s most vulnerable children and families.
Healthy Smiles is one of more than 80 community programs that benefit from the ‘Heart of Hoag.’

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